Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally another blog entry!

Hello everybody!
Wow, I just saw that it has been over a month since I wrote my last blog! I apologize!
Reason for checking my blog today was that I showed property and the buyer told me that she enjoys reading my blog! I am always happy when people mention that they read my blog - Thanks!
I do have an excuse though: a) I really have been busy. I had three closings in the past three weeks and have been out showing my listings and working with buyers. It seems that buyers are realizing that we are pretty close if not AT the bottom of the market and that they now still have a great inventory to pick from! Here is another thing to consider: Let's say we are not at the bottom of the market and prices will continue to drop another 5%. If you can buy something today for 5% less than the market value (and you will probably be able to do so because many buyers have been waiting to sell for so long that they are quiet willing to negotiate!); you are already buying at the bottom of the market price but have the pick of the litter!
These are three properties that I have sold:
and this one (It was not entered as sold in the MLS yet):
It sold for $602,500
b) my computer crashed!
I am back now!

These are all new listings in the Upper Keys since my last blog:
These properties have gone under contract:
and these properties sold: (More properties than this sold; I will check with the board of Realtors tomorrow why not all sold listings appear in this search):

I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for reading as always!