Thursday, February 22, 2007

Offers, Deals and Foreclosures

Hello everybody,
It's been very busy, I've been showing properties, writing offers, getting listings ... the usual in a normal market in Real Estate. The weather is absolutely beautiful but I have not been able to enjoy it much. But that's good, I am happy! I love my work and am happiest when I am busy. (Other than spending time with my son of course).
Something a bit new down here: We are seeing a few foreclosures. That was bound to happen with the many creative ways of financing available in the last few years when the market was so hot. There are still far less foreclosures than in most other areas.

These are the properties that have closed:

and these properties have gone under contract:

and these are the new listings:

Please contact me if you are wanting to find out more about foreclosures or any other happenings in the Real Estate market.
Until next time ... thanks for reading my blog!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The sun is shining here!

I don't know if it is the cold weather up north or simply that season is in full swing now or the fact that Monday was my Birthday but it is as if somebody turned a knob on Monday and got the Real Estate market going. I have received more e-mails, phone calls and written more offers than in the past few months combined!

These are all properties that have closed since my last blog:

and look at everything that has gone under contract:

and all new listings:

If you are heading down to the Keys anytime soon and would like to see some property please call me and I will gladly show you around!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

New listings, pending and solds - lots of them

I apologize for having been a little slow posting on here, but it is getting busier and so am I.

So here are all the new listing since my last post:

Look at all the pendings:

and here are all the properties that have closed:

I promise that my next post will be longer and sooner; until then I wish you all a great weekend!

Friday, February 02, 2007

The pleasure of working in Real Estate in the Keys

One of the reasons why it is so enjoyable to sell Real Estate in the Keys; are the buyers! Most buyers in the Keys are buying property as a vacation home or an investement or if they move here full time they are fullfilling a life long dream. That means that they are happy people and excited about their purchase. I put a property under contract today with some buyers I have worked for over year with; they had been waiting for the right time and the right price and this was it! I like it very much when I get paid at the end of a deal but it is also a great feeling when I can tell buyers "Congratulations; they took your offer!" and I can hear or see how happy and excited they are!

These are the new listings since my last post:

and these are the properties that have gone under contract:

and these properties have closed:

Now let me help you find a deal! Have a great weekend!