Thursday, February 22, 2007

Offers, Deals and Foreclosures

Hello everybody,
It's been very busy, I've been showing properties, writing offers, getting listings ... the usual in a normal market in Real Estate. The weather is absolutely beautiful but I have not been able to enjoy it much. But that's good, I am happy! I love my work and am happiest when I am busy. (Other than spending time with my son of course).
Something a bit new down here: We are seeing a few foreclosures. That was bound to happen with the many creative ways of financing available in the last few years when the market was so hot. There are still far less foreclosures than in most other areas.

These are the properties that have closed:

and these properties have gone under contract:

and these are the new listings:

Please contact me if you are wanting to find out more about foreclosures or any other happenings in the Real Estate market.
Until next time ... thanks for reading my blog!

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