Friday, June 27, 2008

My links are working now!

Hi there, everybody,
I apologize: The links in my last posts were not working. Why? I have no idea! I did everything as usual; there was an update on our MLS system and maybe that had something to do with it; I called Flex tech support and the tech supporter solved my problem. We will now find out if I paid attention and if it works:
This post will only updates:

Properties that sold in the past 45 days:

Properties that came on the market over the past 45 days:

Properties that went under contract:

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Friday, June 13, 2008


Ok, I admit my sons graduation has nothing to do with Real Estate. I don't care! I am going to tell you anyway because I am happy that my son graduated last Thursday and received a scholarship for an Associates Degree at FKCC. After that he'll flock the nest but not yet! And that's a good thing too! Holy cow! Those years went by quickly, I always thought they were exaggerating when they told me to treasure those years when your kids are young because they go by so quickly. Now I know what they meant and so does everybody else who has sat at their childs High school graduation!

Ok, now on to Real Estate! It's still busier than it has been in a while; I am expecting quite a few buyers from out of town in July.

I skipped the update in my last post; so here it:

These are all sold listings since my last update:

these properties have gone under contract:

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and these are all new properties on the market:


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Monday, June 02, 2008

Bayfront unit in Tamarind Bay for 490K

Hello everybody,
I just had a price reduction on this beautiful condo in Tamarind Bay! It is now listed at 490K which is more than 60K less than the next lowest priced unit in Tamarind Bay.

To give you an idea for how much all other units are listed for in TB:

The entire unit has been redone! Tamarind Bay has 1400 SF of living space. There are boat slips and they are assigned for the length of the ownership of the unit. That means that if a unit with an assigend boat slip is sold; the boat slip revert back to the association and is then assigned to the next person on the waiting list. Right now there is no waiting list which means that you could have an assigned boat slip right away at no further cost or waiting time!

There is no question that this is the listing with the most bang for its buck in Key Largo: Bayview, assigned boat slip, 1400SF; these units sold in the mid 800s three years ago!
This a better deal than most short sales and foreclosures! The owners bought a while back and are ready to walk away from this property!
This is your oppurtunity to get a great deal without the 'hassle' of a short sale or foreclosure. Not bank approval, no waiting!
Please call me for more info on this property or any other questions you might have regarding Real Estate. These are the last two units that sold in Tamarind Bay:
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