Friday, January 26, 2007

This is the time for a good deal!

Buyers are here and buyers know that it is a Buyers market! I have told you several that we have a flooded market and buyers are now making offers letting the sellers know that they are 'shopping' for the lowest price. Even though we do not have a lot of sellers in distress, some sellers are willing to take a considerably lower price (sometimes because they want to buy something somewhere else and can get a good deal somewhere else right now) and sometimes because they bought their place a few years back and are still making a considerable profit and are just ready to move on. Whatever their reason is, buyers are in a great position to purchase right now.

In the past couple of days many sellers have lowered their asking price; I am assuming that the reason for that is that it is season and sellers are trying to have the most marketable price in order to sell in this season.
These are two great deals:

Please call me if you'd like any more info on these 'deals' .

These are the new listings since my last post:

and these are the properties that have sold:

and these properties have gone under contract:

Please call me if you'd like to see any of these properties or if you'd like further info.
Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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