Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some good Deals

Mini Lobster Season was here and so were many people! The roads were empty, everybody was out on the water ....except me , I was working!
Maybe you were here over Lobster Season, picked up one of the Real Estate puplications where you sad my Blog advertized: Here it is!

The following listings are all located from MM74 to MM110 (which is considered the upper Keys)
Maybe you are looking for a deal!
Here are some good Deals in condos currently listed under 500K:

If you are looking for a home under 400K; there are many available:

You can pick up a canal front now for under 800K:

These are all open water homes under 2 Million:">

And for my usual readers: These are all new listings since my last blog:

These listings have sold:

and these properties have gonde under contract:

I hope you are well and if you were here; I hope you all are enjoying lobster now!

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