Friday, November 09, 2007

Perfect weather in the Keys!

This is what I call 'good mood weather'. The sun is shining; it is not too hot and not cold at all! It's snowing in Buffalo! I'll be going on a bike ride in a bit!

I walked the site of Fishermans Cove the other day and I was more than impressed! The units are beautiful with high ceilings and breathtaking views! The Pool area with the Cabanas mirrors a Luxury resort; If you are down here; give me a call and I will walk the property with you and show you the units!
I sincerely think that this a great concept to own a vacation property with unlimited use. (Call me for detail!)

Now, if you are looking for a house; there are some deals right now! Please call or e-mail me and I will e-mail you some good deals!

These are the new listings since my last blog:

These listings have gone under contract:

and these properties were sold:
If you are not down here; hurry and come on down! Good mood awaits you!

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