Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nine under contract within the first month!

A little while ago I told you about 'Fractionals' in particular about Fishermans Cove (To jump to that entry: )

I just received the information that nine units are under contract. The first eight units were sold for 299K; the price is now 329K and will be raised again when the next eight units are sold.

I am not surprised that the sales at Fishermans are going well; the concept truly makes sense and the units would appeal to the most discriminating buyer. For those of you who know me: you are well aware that I am familiar with every condo development in the upper Keys and in my opinion Fishermans Cove units surpass every other condo. At 2400 SF the units are larger than any other condo and the 10ft high ceilings add to a 'home feeling' ;the views from every unit can only be described as breathtaking.

Check out the interior:
As an owner you are entitled to services that again succeed any other condo complex:
Upon arrival you can call in the groceries you would like to have stocked, you have the use of a 26ft boat with no additional cost, 'room' service is available as well as poolside service and much more!
I cannot think of a better proof that this is a good value than nine of the units already being under contract!
If you would like more info on Fishermans Cove or a tour of the property, please contact me. You will be impressed!

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