Saturday, March 29, 2008

Condominiums that permit weekly rentals

This is what most buyers are looking for right now: Canalfront homes under 800K and condos that are good rental properties. In this blog I will write about the later. Condominiums govern themselves when it comes to rental policies. As long as they are gated and have an association they can decide what kind of rental policy they enforce. Some complexes allow weekly rentals, some monthly, some a minimum of two or three months and a few permit daily rentals. If a complex permits daily rentals it is most liked considered a Condo/Hotel when it comes to financing. The difference is that a lender requires at least 20 to 30 % down payment with a Condo/Hotel designated property. Needless to say that the rental potential of a property is directly related to their rental policies. A complex that permist weekly or even daily rentals generates more rental income because most seasonal renters rent for a week and not for a month. Then why wouldn't all complexes permit daily rentals? Because it means more transient traffic and some complexes try to avoid that.
If you are looking for a condo that permits weekly rentals; these are the ones in the Upper Keys:
Kawama Tower, Seagulls, Moon Bay, Summer Sea, Futura Yacht Club, Ocean Pointe and The Palms.
Here are links to what units are currently available in each of these complexes:

Kawama Tower:
Click'>">Click Moon Bay:
Sea Gulls:
Futura Yacht Club:
Summer Sea: Click'>">Click
Ocean Pointe:
The Palms:
If you would like further info on any of these properties please contact me at

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