Monday, July 28, 2014

Inventory is decreasing rapidly

I usually don't post 'advise' on here but just Real Estate facts. Nevertheless I have seen so many buyers just miss a property in the last few months that I wanted to let you know that prices are continuing to go up and inventory decreasing. If you can afford to spend more, by all means wait for the perfect property but if you are on the threshold of the lowest price range in the type of property you are pursuing, you will be priced out of the market in the near future. To put it simply: If you are looking for a dry lot home under 300K or a waterfront home under 500K in the Upper Keys, buy now!
I don't have a crystal ball and know what will happen to the market in the next few years but everything points in the direction of continuous appreciation in the Keys. The Keys will always be a prime spot for retirement with it's weather and over abundance of water activities. Baby Boomers are starting to retire and they are generally seeking a more active type of retirement.
There is some new construction but not much. There are no large parcels of land waiting to be developed in the Keys so the inventory won't go up drastically.

I am aware that many readers of my blog are browsing and I probably don't know the majority of you. Many of my customers call me and tell me that they have followed my blog for years and are now ready to purchase something. To the browsers who have not called me yet: the deals today will be the best deal and if you are waiting for that bargain that is cheaper and better than anything you have seen so far: that won't happen! You will look back in a year from now and wish you would have bought sooner.

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