Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to business after this Hurricane Nonsense

We had a pleasant cozy day in the upper Keys yesterday. Regular TV programming was off because all local channels had to exaggerate updates on DEADLY storm Fay. Keys residence find it rather amusing and when you watch interviews of locals with 20+ year old reporters in raincoats you can see how ridiculous the locals find the questions, yet they are appearing to look serious when being asked "IF and when they will evacuate" and they respond that they won't. These might be their 'cut short' 15 minutes of fame so they'll make what they can out of it.
Sorry, I am just not a big fan on the sensationalism of the small local news stations with no focus on real news.
So, here you have it: All is well in the upper Keys! Now you don't have to watch any more updates!

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