Saturday, August 09, 2008

Some foreclosures that ARE good deals!

There are not many of them in the Keys; but a few and some are indeed very good deals! Such good deals that they go under contract within a week after they have been listed ,sometimes for more than the asking price! Investors know that this is a good time to buy IF you are getting the property for the right price. They familiarize themselves with the Real Estate market and are aware of what is a bargain price for a property.I know that every buyer likes to negotiate but be careful when you find a great deal because you are not the only buyer out there! You might hate the idea of paying full price for something but it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out: You have two equal houses, same street,same house, same view. One is listed for 1 Million; the other is a foreclosure and listed for 599K.
A buyer negotiates the house for 1 Million down to 800K. Which house is the better deal? The one at full price for 599K or the one that you got for 200 less than asking price for 800K? Certainly I don't have to tell you the answer.
Keep this in mind if you are in the market and ready to buy a good deal: If the asking price is a steal; make a full price offer because you are not the only one who will make an offer. Getting a great deal with a foreclosure is more of a matter of having a good Realtor who stays on top off the market and will call you as soon as a steal has come on the market.
These are current foreclosures on the market:
Please call me if you'd like to see any of them

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