Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another beautiful day in Paradise

It is on days like this when I know why I have chosen to live here: 78 degrees, sunny not too humid .... how can you not be in a good mood on a day like this?!And with a new day come new listings: 12 again and here they are: Click'>">ClickOne of these listings is my listing and I am glad that the sellers agreed to price it at a marketable price of 799K. That is the lowest priced listing in Buttonwood Bay and really a good buy. Buttonwood Bay is a beautiful complex with 288 units and tons of amenities, but what makes Buttonwood Bay so special is that it truly feels like Keys living; Lots of vegetation and water everywhere. When the complex was built the developer cut waterways into Coral (THAT of course could and never should be done today), which are now the canals in BB, every town home is either on a canal or on the open bay and every unit has an assigned boat slip. You can imagine how protected the marina is surrounded by Coral. I have sold many units in BB and many buyers have told me that this is exactly how they envisioned their getaway place in Paradise. Low key, super friendly people and fabulous boating. This is the new listing in BB:Click'>">ClickA waterfront home in Key Largo closed yesterday: Click'>">Click It sold for 800K. The house needed some work but it is a concrete home on a canal; the most important basics are there.One house went under contract which is also a waterfront home under a million: Click'>">ClickLast year it was hard to pick up a home on the water under a million unless it was in Pirates cove (Pirates Cove is a very nice neighborhood, the lots are just very small).Waterfront homes are always a good investment .... The Keys are all about the water and there is a limited supply of waterfront homes. Prices are halting right now; it's not going to stay like that much longer.Either way if you own or rent down here: What a beautiful day! Aren't you glad you are here?


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