Sunday, November 26, 2006

Done shopping?

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a good weekend. It appears that people were shopping for other things than Real Estate over the weekend. I am sure retail stores did well over the weekend and maybe you already have started your Christmas shopping as so many others did.This will be a short posting since there is not much to report but if you check this blog frequently I wanted to provide you with the links to the">ClickNo ">properties that have become newly listed since my last posting: No properties have sold nor have gone under contract since my last posting.I am anticipating a busy week with appointments for potential listings as well as showing property. It's been a year since the Real Estate market has slowed down and I think a lot of potential buyers decided to wait and see if prices would go down. It is true that property values have not appreciated as much in 2006 as they had in the previous years but the actual sales prices have not dropped much if at all. The bottom line is that the Keys Real Estate market is a very stable market even when Real Estate is doing poorly in most of the rest of the country.We have something that no other place in the country has: The Coral Reef, fabulous boating and great weather through the entire year along with a limited supply of land and with that Real Estate. Investing in Real Estate in the Keys is like investing in a solid company in the stock market; you can't go wrong in the long run and beside that you get to enjoy your property in Paradise!

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