Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bunco Wednesday

I had a busy day today showing property. It was perfect weather to be outside and I was lucky again and am working with a very pleasant buyer. We looked at commercial property (shopping centers) of which there aren't many. As I mentioned in a previous post commercial property is continuing to appreciate well in the Keys.

Quite a few properties went under contract in the past couple of days:
This goes to show that there is a definite increase in activity in the Real Estate market.

These are the properties that have come on the market over the past couple of days:

and three properties closed:Click'>Click'>">Click

Please excuse that this is a shorter post. Every first Wednesday of the month I host a 'Bunco Party' at my house. Tonight was the night but I am aware that I have some faithful readers who read my blog and I wanted to keep you up to date.Today was Nikolaus in Germany and even though you might not be familiar with the Holiday; I wish you a 'happy Nikolaus'.

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