Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Overcoming a cold (Yes, even we in the Keys get colds once in a while)

Please excuse that I have not written for a few days; I was sick with a cold. Fortunately I got better just in time to go to a Christmas party by my friends Marcelle and Jean Michael tonight.

There are a few new listings since my last post; these are properties that have come on the market since the 8th (My last post):

These properties have gone under contract:

Again, one of the properties is a waterfront property under one Million; the other three are dry lot homes under 400K. I have noticed that dry lot homes under 400K are selling lately. I believe the reason for that is that it was hard to find anything other than a mobile home under for 400K up until last year. Residents with a lower budget might see their opportunity to afford property and are probably the buyers of these properties.

These properties have sold:

I am going to keep this post short; I am not a 100% yet, but please if you have any questions or need any info, don't hesitate to call me anytime!

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