Sunday, December 03, 2006

A tip when it comes to listing your property

I am not a fan of finding faults with others; I prefer to spend my time on improving my skills and services. However I'd like to give you a tip in case you are considering listing your property in another State where I can't help you:
Other than the obvious such as-does the realtor market in several publications?
-Does the realtor include a visual tour of the property and does he/she provide many pictures in the MLS
-how experienced is the agent?
- Is the agent knowledgeable?
Along with other things that might be important to you, make sure to call your agent several times at different hours of the day over a few days’ period and note if he or she is picking up the phone or how often you get voice mail.This is important regarding the sale of your property because you'd want a potential buyer to be able to get in touch with your agent. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is when I'd like to show a property that is listed by another agent on a short notice; I call and am not able to get in touch with the agent. Picking up the phone seems like the simplest part there is of a Realtors job.You can really very easily check this just by placing 5-10 quick phone calls.

There are several properties that came on the market over the weekend:

Three properties closed:Click'>Click'>">Click
Again two of these three listings are waterfront homes.

One property went under contract; a vacant lot:

I hope you had a pleasant weekend. In Germany we celebrate each Sunday in December before Christmas, today was the 1st Advent. I wish you all a happy first Advent!

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