Saturday, December 30, 2006

You get what you pay for

There was a steady stream of cars on US1 all day long today; many of the snowbirds seem to have arrived along with quite a few 'weekenders' to ring in the New Year.I have been busy over the past few days and I have heard from other realtors that they were busy as well.Again there are quiet a few new listings:

Three properties have been sold in the last three days:

and six properties have gone under contract:

Today I attempted to acquire information about two different properties; both properties priced well above a Million; so far I have not received a return call after I left voice mails with both listing agents for these properties. Both properties are with Real Estate companies I have never heard off; neither one of them located in the Keys.
I am sure you have heard of the new Internet based Real Estate companies. They are companies that are members of the Board of Realtors and can therefore enter a listing in the MLS (Multiple listing service). Many times these companies offer to list a home for a lower commission rate than the local Real Estate offices do.
Money is a driving factor in every business but it does not matter how much you theoretically save if your home does not sell or sells for less than you might have been able to sell your home for if there would have been better marketing.
You can guess how likely it is that a house will sell if it impossible to get in touch with the listing agent.Please make sure to check how your property will be marketed and how available your agent is to show the house or provide other agents with information. These should be the factors in your decision with whom to list your home and not which company charges you the least.

I wish you all a great last day of 2006 and cross your fingers for me that I get a call back tomorrow

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